Sardana server configuration

Sardana system can run as one or many Tango device servers. Tango device servers listens on a TCP port for the CORBA requests. Usually it is fine to use the randomly assigned port (default behavior) but sometimes it may be necessary to use a fixed port number or even IP address. For example, when the server needs to be accessed from another isolated network and we want to open connections only for the given ports or IPs.

There are three possibilities to assign the IP and/or port in format of the ORBendPoint explicitly (the order indicates the precedence):


The ORBendPoint is in the following format: giop:tcp:<IP>:<port> and both IP and port are optional, so you could only fix the IP, only fix the port, fix both of them or none of them.

  • using OS environment variable ORBendPoint e.g.

$ export ORBendPoint=giop:tcp:
$ Pool demo1
  • using Tango device server command line argument -ORBendPoint

$ Pool demo1 -ORBendPoint giop:tcp:
  • using Tango DB free property with object name: ORBendPoint and property name: <server_name>/<instance_name>)

import tango
db = tango.Database()
db.put_property("ORBendPoint", {"Pool/demo1": "giop:tcp:"})


Due to a bug, when Sardana is used with Tango versions prior to 8.0.5, the command line arguments takes precedence over the environment variables.