What’s new?

Below you will find the most relevant news that brings the Sardana releases. For a complete list of changes consult the Sardana CHANGELOG.md file.

What’s new in Sardana 3.1.1?

Date: 2021-06-11

Type: hotfix release


  • Correctly handle stop/abort of macros e.g. Ctrl+c in Spock in case the macro was executing another hooked macros e.g. a scan executing a general hook.

What’s new in Sardana 3.1?

Date: 2021-05-17 (Jan21 milestone)

Type: biannual stable release

It is backwards compatible and comes with new features, changes and bug fixes.


This release, in comparison to the previous ones, brings significant user experience improvements when used on Windows.



  • Experimental channel’s shape is now considered as a result of the configuration e.g. RoI, binning, etc. and not part of the measurement group configuration:


  • Sardana server (standalone) startup is more robust.

  • Storing string values in datasets, pre-scan snapshot and custom data in NXscanH5_FileRecorder.

  • Stopping/aborting grouped movement when backlash correction would be applied.

  • Randomly swapping target positions in grouped motion when moveables proceed from various Device Pool’s.

  • Enables possible dead time optimization in mesh scan macro by executing per measurement preparation.

  • Continuously read experimental channel’s value references in hardware synchronized acquisition instead of reading only once at the end.

  • Problems when Changing default interface of standard attributes in controllers e.g. shape of the pseudo counter’s Value attribute.

  • Sequencer related bugs:

    • Fill Macro’s parent_macro in case of executing XML hooks in sequencer

    • Problems with macro id’s when executing sequences loaded from plain text files with spock syntax

    • Loading of sequences using macro functions from plain text files with spock syntax

  • Apply position formatting (configured with PosFormat ViewOption) to the limits in the wm macro.