Measurement group overview

The measurement group interface allows the user to access several data acquisition channels at the same time. The measurement group is the key interface to be used when acquiring the data. The Pool can have several measurement groups and use them simultaneously. When creating a measurement group, the user compose it from:

It is not possible to have several times the same channel in a measurement group.


In order to properly use the measurement group, each of the timerable controllers (Counter/Timer, 1D or 2D) needs to be assigned one of its channels as the timer or the monitor.

By default, the data acquisition channels are synchronized by software, meaning that the acquisition will be commanded to start (or start and stop) with the software precision. In order to achieve a better synchonization the hardware triggering (or gating) can be used by configuring a Trigger/Gate as the controller’s synchronizer.

The measurement group configuration can by modified with the expconf widget.

For each of the synchronization types: software or software start, the order of the timer/monitor channels in the expconf table determines which of them will act as the master (will be started as the last one). The disabled channels do not count.

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