2D channel API reference

A 2D represents an experimental channel which acquisition result is a image value.

A 2D has a state, and a value attributes. The state indicates at any time if the 2D is stopped, in alarm or moving. The value, indicates the current 2D value.

The other attributes are:

data source

Unique identifier for the 2D data (value attribute)


name of the timer channel (proceeding from the same controller) to be used when the channel is acquired independently

special values:

  • __default - controller’s default timer

  • __self - the same channel acts like a timer

  • None - independent acquisition is disabled

integration time

integration time (in seconds) to be used when the channel is acquired independently

The available operations are:

start acquisition

starts to acquire the 2Ds



stops the 2D acquisition in an orderly fashion


stops the 2D acquisition as fast as possible


Release hung acquisition e.g. due to the hardware controller that got hung. You should first try stop/abort.

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