This is the macro server scan recorder module



Inheritance diagram of DataHandler
class DataHandler[source]

Bases: object

The data handler is the data recording center of a system. It contains one or several recorders. All data transit through the handler, then given to recorders for final saving

addCustomData(value, name, **kwargs)[source]

Write data other than a record.

  • value – The value to be written

  • name – An identification for this value

Optional keyword arguments can be passed with information that some recorders may need in order to record this value. For example: the NeXus recorder will make use of “nxpath” info if available to place the value where it belongs in the nexus hierarchy. Check the addCustomData method of each recorder to see what they use/require.


Inheritance diagram of DataRecorder
class DataRecorder(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: Logger

Generic class for data recorder. Does nothing


Only in BLOCK_MODE. Will write whole RecordList


Inheritance diagram of BaseFileRecorder
class BaseFileRecorder(**pars)[source]

Bases: DataRecorder